Design philosophy of ethics in the machine independent systems algorithms!

Dr.Alrence Halibas

  • Doctorate in Technology Management
  • + 7 years experience in the field of machine learning and machine data analysis
  • Assistant Professor - Department of Computer Science, Gulf College, Muscat

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Ethics Design Philosophy in Independent Systems Algorithms. Mp3

Drone is one of the applications that use algorithms to determine its working procedures, and the world is now going to assess its performance by practicing transparency in designing data and algorithms used in consideration of the public interest, so that the use of drone has recently raised safety and ethics issues that jeopardize public safety! Society and the state system in general reject any application that does not include any considerations that preserve the rights of others safety! It is assumed that there is an engineering system to design these algorithms related to artificial intelligence technology that takes into account the effects that may harm public safety within cities and within industrial valleys, there is already a need to apply the moral dimensions of technology to reach good behaviors in accordance with the expectations of society, there must be a convergence in science Computer and philosophy so that we can clearly define what is morally correct, then we have a question that I want to impose here: “If the Drones are independent and adopt a moral system that would restrict actions and take into account human values, what are the benefits?” Moral Designs that we should follow ?! “. We did a study trying to answer this question and we came up with other questions such as What are the main ethical theories related to machine design? What are the challenges that we will face when applying avoiding collision with the elements of self-defense in the military fields? Then we reached:

First: the benefit - as opposed to - the principles of ethics:   Utility Doctrine: It is a mind-based approach to knowing right and wrong by focusing on the perceived results to determine the appropriate procedure and its logic of choice that produces the maximum happiness for all and that is the most ethical option, so the factor is ethical when it weighs the consequences of each choice and chooses the option that produces the most amount of Satisfaction and satisfaction with the majority. Ethics (based on the rules of culture of a region or country): This principle leads to undesirable consequences that have nothing to do with personal or group happiness and does not explain and analyze the amount of the result, and this principle follows a Deontic approach to machine ethics because its rules are accountable, and it is known - Deontic - that it is a logic in the field of philosophy that follows the obligation and taking permission according to certain criteria and expectations of the operator or the controller.

Second: a single system - as oppose