Five things you should know before he founded a company in the field of independent systems.

Muhammad Naeem Karkdan

  • Bachelor's degree in public administration - organizational development
  • 6+ years of experience in remote control systems
  • Member of the International Society for Independent Systems

Some colleagues touched on me during the past period with a question about establishing a company in the field of Unmanned Systems and what are the professional steps that should be followed when starting this business ?! In fact, after several attempts to “squeeze the brain,” then through research, I reached some key points:

Knowledge , yes, because you may have money, but you lack technical expertise and knowledge about this technology, its applications, and regulatory requirements! Without this knowledge, you will not be ready to make basic decisions in this regard, and you can achieve this by researching or appointing an expert in this field who can help you develop a program that suits your needs, given that this industry is completely new, there are experts who have comprehensive knowledge of how regulations affect your operations. And help you get the right documents.

Defining the “Mission” after acquiring knowledge, the next step is to define the task that you will perform using the machine, and this specific task will in every sense of the word affect every aspect of your work including the type of machine used and the expertise and qualifications of the staff, for example To clarify: Real estate brokers decide to use the drone in their business to take pictures of the homes they want to sell or rent, we say here that they need a Quadcopter equipped with a camera with some training to take the required pictures ... but if you want to use a drone for security surveillance or to examine buildings and centers of leaks Thermal Detect soil or devices to explore and address Dron This process needs a good study to determine the task of the expert.

Choosing the performance method , the necessary system must already be obtained to accomplish the task that was identified, such as looking at the type of machine as well as factors such as the energy running if it is a battery or liquid fuel and must be paid attention to the temperature that you can withstand during working time and the type of cameras and sensors ... then Then, you will be moved to the type of programs used that match your computers with the vehicles and processing programs that your machines produce. And finally, how long does the manufacturer work? And how many machines were delivered? Do you provide training, warranty, and maintenance support? You should make sure that you get what was mentioned not only increases the chances of success of the “Mission”, but also provides the staff with the best equipment needed and that has benefits for you.

Education and training , the training and education of the people involved in this work is very important and there are many training programs and repeated training is also necessary to maintain technical and procedural competence. Arabic Unmanned Systems will provide a training curriculum for companies working in this The field is coming soon.

Requirements for the operating crew , the minimum personnel must be established in this process and it means that the right people are in the right place, and this applies to managers, supervisors and operators, and the process begins with who will manage this work? And who supervises him? Does that person have a background in this world or at least is a leading figure in making s